UPDATE: In an effort to make the Thursday Night Ride more appealing to beginners and those with families, a new start point and route has been established.  The new start location will be at the parking lot of Crave, 1110 Larsen Park Road.  This location is on the riverfront trail, which allows for family friendly routes.  Start time is 6:30PM.  Routes vary each week and offer both a beginner/family friendly route as well as a route for more experienced riders. 



Old Route Information: The Thursday Night ride is a reoccurring event for the club during summer months.  Essentially a "show and go" ride - the route can be altered according to cyclist preference or ability.  Club members meet in the parking lot of Graham's Grill and Pub at 6:30PM (6:00PM before June 1st, or after September 15th) and ride a loop going through Jefferson, South Dakota.  Many riders enjoy taking a break at Bud's Bar in Jefferson.  Frequently riders will meet at Graham's for dinner after the ride.  

This route is  flat - traffic varies - all participants should wear helmets, utilize mirrors and lights, and ride single file when vehicles are present.  

Route Overview