If you have already registered with RAGBRAI and need to pay your Club / SAG / Team Siouxland Cyclists fees, please click on the buttons below.  We have around 80 folks signed up!  




Online Club Registration and Payment (See button above) - Ride with the Siouxland Cyclists for a day ($25) all the way up to the entire week ($150)! This fee goes directly to the club, you still will need to register with RAGBRAI and pay RAGBRAI registration fees directly. 

Online Charter Bus Payment $100 – The Siouxland Cyclists have procured a charter bus to meet us at Lansing and drive us back to Sioux City.  The bus departs Lansing at 3PM and we typically stop to eat a meal along the midpoint on the way back.  This is a separate option, one who is not riding or camping with the club otherwise can still buy a bus ticket back to Sioux City, provided that the club still has seats available!

Siouxland Cyclists Membership - $20- In order to ride on RAGBRAI with the club providing SAG services, you must be a member of the club.  Many out of town riders join the club expressly so they can ride on RAGBRAI with the Siouxland Cyclists. 


July 23, 2017 - starting in Orange City and ending July 29, 2017 in Lansing. 

A reminder - you will pay the RAGBRAI fees directly to them when you go online to register at www.ragbrai.com.  Sagging fees for Siouxland Cyclists will be paid via the attached form or via online (see the buttons at the top of the screen).  Club fees are the same as last year!  If you have already registered at RAGBRAI.com and were unable to pay, just go back into your account and you should now be able to pay your fees and order RAGBRAI stuff.

Registration is completed in two steps:

1)   Go to www.ragbrai.com and complete their application online. But you will need to “Create a User Account” before you can actually register – see instructions below (if you already have a user account at RAGBRAI.com you can use it again);

2)   Complete the attached Club form and return to me, along will payment of the fees you choose on the attached Club Form, as well as possible 2017 Membership Dues (if you have not already paid said membership dues);

a.   You MUST be a member of Siouxland Cyclists, Inc. in order to ride with us.  If you are not already a member for 2017, you must ALSO complete the "Join Siouxland Cyclists" button at the top of the page. 

 i.    If you are joining via the attached paper form, you do NOT need to write a separate check for your dues. (If you are not sure         if you have already paid for 2017, email the RAGBRAI Coordinator Here

1)   Go to www.ragbrai.com; Once you get to the Home Page – FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS ON THE ATTACHED “OnlineRAGBRAIregistration”         Form.  This must be done first!

2)   Once you have “activated” your User Account, go back to the Home Page at www.ragbrai.com.  Click on the “Registration” tab towards the    top left;

3)   Scroll down a little bit until you see the words, “Register For the Ride – CLICK HERE”;

4)   Fill out whether you are riding all week, or just a few days.  If you are asked about which group you are riding with, it is “Group #74 – Siouxland Cyclists”.  You will also purchase your jersey and other RAGBRAI-related materials. Just follow the Form as needed, including your credit card information.

5)  Once your registration has been received by RAGBRAI, you are good to go with them. You will then need to return the Club’s Form, proper payment and, if applicable, a completed 2017 Membership Application Form.  Again, these forms are attached above.

Note the February 28, 2017 postmark deadline. As a legacy club, club members who register for RAGBRAI before 2-28-17 traditionally have not been subject to the RAGBRAI lottery.  The deadline to register for RAGBRAI 2017 is April 1st, and lottery results are announced May 1st. You can still join the club and register for RAGBRAI until April 1st. 

As we get closer, our new RAGBRAI Coordinator, Megan Wissing will be periodically sending out group emails about RAGBRAI stuff, like training, packing, etc.  If you have an idea that you think would be good for the group, please feel free to let us know. You can contact Megan directly at: ragbrai@siouxlandcyclists.org

The Siouxland Cyclists play an active role in RAGBRAI® (Des Moines Register's Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa).

Each year, for a small fee, we offer baggage and return transportation services for members who obtain RAGBRAI® passes.

Members typically bring their own tents.  The club provides transportation of your gear. Other benefits to riding with the club include:

  • Mobile device charging stations.  These accept "car cigarette lighter" style cell phone chargers.

  •  Chairs & an awning for fun in the shade!

  •  Affordable water, sports drinks, soda, and beer. 

  •  In those areas that permit it, Siouxland Cyclists will set up a shower tents.  Riders  bring their own camp shower bags (5 gallons or less) for use with the shower tents.  Modern showers can be obtained from a variety of community buildings as well as shower trailers for $5 to $8 typically.

  • Meeting new people from all over the place!

Finding the Siouxland Cyclists area of the campsite can be a challenge at the overnight town.  Riders should check the message center located at the awning for information of the next day's camp site location.  Also, as riders enter the overnight town, they can keep a lookout for "Siouxland Cyclists" signs with arrows pointing the way.  

Siouxland Cyclists is one of a few established clubs that each year is guaranteed a limited number of passes for the annual ride. Passes are made available only to club members.

For more information or to register, visit Ragbrai.com