From Charlie Cowell MURP, City Planner, Sioux City:

As you may be aware, the City of Sioux City and SIMPCO partnered with the University of Iowa during the 2014-2015 school year to complete an Active Transportation Plan (ATP) for Sioux City. This Plan was one of the final steps to achieve the Blue Zone Community designation. The overarching goals are to reduce barriers to walking and bicycling in Sioux City through infrastructure, public education, and citizen awareness. In addition, the plan provides a consolidated guide for several other policies and initiatives already being pursued such as the adoption of a complete streets policy in 2014. Implementation focuses on engineering, education, encouragement, enforcement, and evaluation measures. The full Plan can be viewed here:

 The City Council passed a resolution adopting the plan in late September. As part of implementing the plan, we would like to create an Active Transportation Advisory Committee composed of City staff, community organizations, and community residents to advise, assist, and evaluate implementation. As someone involved with active transportation in the community, we would like to ask you, or a representative from your organization, to be an initial member of this committee.

 We would like to set up a meeting in January to discuss the responsibilities and structure of this committee. Whether you are willing to serve or just want to learn more we encourage your participation. Because we are asking people from many organizations to participate, please fill out the survey for times that work best: A formal agenda with the time and location will follow. We appreciate your response by next Wednesday, December 16th in order to get a date solidified for people's schedules.