Military Road Reconstruction & Bridge Rehabilitation Project

From Bob DeSmidt - The City of Sioux City will be hosting an Open House on Thursday, January 4, 2017 at Sacred Heart Church, 5000 Military Road from 4:30-6:30PM. Topic will be "Military Road Reconstruction & Bridge Rehabilitation Project". This project will include the replacement of all pavement, sidewalks, and utilities (water main, sanitary sewer, and storm water infrastructure) as well as replacement of the Big Sioux River Bridge deck. Minor landscaping improvements will also be proposed.

All are welcome to ask questions and give input.

More Details:

Following is information on a 2018 project the City is planning for Military Road between Riverside Boulevard to and including the bridge over the Big Sioux. Siouxland Trails Foundation is encouraging cyclists to show up to advocate that plans include a trail-width sidewalk along Military Road and also over the bridge itself. This will then provide a direct connection to the North Sioux City Trail which starts on the SD side of the bridge. Long-term we are hoping for a trail along Military Road between Riverside Boulevard and the Perry Creek Trail – even though that may be years away. There also is a planned City trail from Military Road to the Railroad Museum and back to highway 12 and then back to the intersection of Riverside Blvd and Highway 12

Public Meeting for Recreational Trail Development Along Highway 12

Link: Public Meeting Notice

Link: Proposed Route Map

The City of Sioux City is holding a public meeting on May 31st as noted below. This is a project to run a 1 mile or so trail from Military Road to the Railroad Museum. At some point this trail could develop into a nice trail link to Stone Park. The City is hoping for trail supporters to attend the meeting. Please help spread the word. The attached press release went out today regarding a Public Meeting for a trail project near the Railroad Museum/Hwy 12 in the Riverside area. The meeting will be held Tuesday, May 31 at 7:00 p.m. at the Railroad Museum. Also attached is a map of the proposed trail. It looks like we can do it all in one phase. The City is writing a REAP grant for the balance of the trail. So far we have $400,000 for this project. Notices to property owners in this area are going out in the mail this week. It will be good to have as much support at the meeting as possible.


From Charlie Cowell MURP, City Planner, Sioux City:

As you may be aware, the City of Sioux City and SIMPCO partnered with the University of Iowa during the 2014-2015 school year to complete an Active Transportation Plan (ATP) for Sioux City. This Plan was one of the final steps to achieve the Blue Zone Community designation. The overarching goals are to reduce barriers to walking and bicycling in Sioux City through infrastructure, public education, and citizen awareness. In addition, the plan provides a consolidated guide for several other policies and initiatives already being pursued such as the adoption of a complete streets policy in 2014. Implementation focuses on engineering, education, encouragement, enforcement, and evaluation measures. The full Plan can be viewed here:

 The City Council passed a resolution adopting the plan in late September. As part of implementing the plan, we would like to create an Active Transportation Advisory Committee composed of City staff, community organizations, and community residents to advise, assist, and evaluate implementation. As someone involved with active transportation in the community, we would like to ask you, or a representative from your organization, to be an initial member of this committee.

 We would like to set up a meeting in January to discuss the responsibilities and structure of this committee. Whether you are willing to serve or just want to learn more we encourage your participation. Because we are asking people from many organizations to participate, please fill out the survey for times that work best: A formal agenda with the time and location will follow. We appreciate your response by next Wednesday, December 16th in order to get a date solidified for people's schedules.




Sioux City RAGBRAI 2015 Tunnel Project

In preparation for RAGBRAI 2015 festivities, some Siouxland Cyclists painted the tunnel connecting the recreation trail from the Sioux City riverfront to Gordon Drive.  Volunteers used stencils provided and designed by Steve Avery. The background was painted today and finishing touches, including the all important bicycles, will be painted on Sunday.